Antonio Brown just delivered the hands-down wildest take of 2022

Antonio Brown released a statement on social media concerning his biggest regret and the former NFL wide receiver delivered a truly wild take. 

The last image that former All-Pro wide receiver Antonio Brown left NFL fans with was him ripping off his pads and shirts on the sidelines in New York and then running out of the stadium, essentially quitting football in the middle of a game that he’d taken the field during for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Since his departure from football, Brown has remained vocal on social media while pursuing a musical career, performing at various festivals and venues over the past year or so. On Thursday, however, he decided to reflect about his regrets on social media, which led to one of the wildest takes that 2022 has seen yet (and probably will see going forward).

Brown ran through many of his regrettable (at least for most people) moments in the NFL, from his unceremonious exit at the Bucs-Jets game, to his ill-fated Raiders tenure and the tribulations there, to his legal troubles in Florida. But none of those are the former receiver’s biggest regret.

No, his biggest regret is that he couldn’t watch Antonio Brown play.

Antonio Brown says his biggest regret was not being able to watch Antonio Brown play

Brown said in his statement that watching after the fact wasn’t the same and compared watching him play to “like watching The Beatles or Jesus perform at Red Rocks.”

There has been a longstanding pattern of erratic behavior from Brown, as the transgressions throughout his career reflect. It’s caused many fans to question the state of his mental health. In fact, the Bucs tried to get him counseling regarding his mental health prior to his eventual release.

Takes such as this one are just another instance of this as well. But even still, it’s one helluva statement for anyone, Brown included, to make.