Broadcasters in the booth had epic reaction to Aaron Judge’s 62nd home run (Video)

The Yankees faced the Rangers on Tuesday night, and the broadcasters had an epic reaction to Aaron Judge’s 62nd home run.

The New York Yankees faced the Texas Rangers on Tuesday night, and Aaron Judge finally hit his 62nd home run. Many people celebrated the history-breaking feat, including the broadcasters in the booth.

Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay’s jaw dropped once Judge hit the homer, and he excitedly announced, “There it goes, soaring into history.” He and the others in the booth stood up in awe while announcing the new AL single-season home run leader.

The majority of the baseball world is thrilled to see Judge break such a long-standing record, and he deserves all the excitement he’s getting. He’s gotten support from several notable figures and fans alike.

His achievements aren’t to be taken lightly. He deserves every ounce of respect for his accomplishments.

Yankees star Aaron Judge is well-deserving of respect for his accomplishments

Judge broke a record set 61 years ago in the second-to-last game of the season. He’s having an incredible season and until recently, his progression wasn’t followed so closely. As he started approaching 61 home runs, the hype began to rise in the fact that he may tie Roger Maris’ record from 1961.

Once he did, it garnered a lot of excitement. There was the overarching question of whether or not he’d surpass it, but there were no expectations. Many people were happy with the tie, and they grew even more ecstatic when he passed the record.

This is just the beginning of possible great things to come. He’s a major contender for both the AL MVP award and a triple crown, likely among many others. He leads MLB in several stats, including WAR (10.7), on-base percentage (.425), slugging percentage (.686), OPS (1.111), runs scored (133), total bases (391), home runs (62), offensive winning percentage (.852) and times on base (294), to name a few.

He hits the free agent market next season, and he’s setting himself up for a bunch of offers.