Davante Adams broke his silence on Instagram about Packers drafting Christian Watson

Davante Adams broke his silence on Instagram about Packers drafting Christian Watson

Davante Adams is no longer in Green Bay, but that’s not stopping him from keeping an eye on things going on with his former team.

The NFL offseason seems to be calming down, but it’s hard to tell what the metric for that is since the whirlwind we survived was so intense.

Usually, there’s player movement in the offseason, but this year saw absolutely monolithic names change places. Russell Wilson, Tyreek Hill, Deshaun Watson, and Von Miller are all going to be playing in new places next year with Baker Mayfield and Jimmy Garoppolo perhaps not far behind.

Davante Adams was one of the players involved in the league-wide shakeup, as the Packers traded him to the Raiders back in March. His absence left a massive hole in the Green Bay offense, one that the team finally used the NFL Draft to try and mend.

Packers reporter Wes Hodkiewicz passed along a short but sweet message that Adams posted in response to Green Bay celebrating the arrival of its new rookie wide receiver, Christian Watson.

It’s safe to say, Adams is a fan of his replacement.

Obviously, filling Adams shoes is going to be a lot harder than reading a card at a podium and posting nice things on the internet. Watson has the weight of an entire franchise on his shoulders both because of who he’s replacing and where he’s replacing him.

Davante Adams sends classy message about Christian Watson’s future

Adams’ accomplishments in Green Bay speak for themselves, and it’s misguided to expect him to step in and become what Adams was right away. It’s more the fact that Watson is the answer to the question so many have asked over the last few years of which receiver the will the Packers use primo NFL Draft capital on to add to Aaron Rodgers’ offense.

Watson also unfairly carries the weight of not being the guys who were drafted before him, as fans had hyped themselves up for hearing Chris Olave or Jameson Williams called on Draft night. Combine all of this together and it’s a recipe for immense pressure for a kid who has barely even settled into being a pro.

Adams’ endorsement does two things, both of which are really awesome. It helps ease some of that pressure by essentially giving Watson his blessing in front of a fan base that has the highest expectations for players who put on a Packers uniform. But it also shows that while Adams may be in Las Vegas and starting a new chapter in his career, his mind is still in Green Bay and he remains invested in the place where he made a name for himself even if he’s no longer there.