Delta variant: 55% of patients hospitalised with the Covid strain are unvaccinated

PHE data shows that of recent admissions for the virus, 808 (55.1 per cent) were unvaccinated, while 512 (34.9 per cent) had received both doses of a vaccine.

A decision on whether the over-50s will need a third Covid-19 jab is to be set out by vaccination experts in the next few weeks. Issue date: Monday August 2, 2021. PA Photo. If the programme is given the green light, it is expected that all those over the age of 50 or clinically vulnerable in England will be offered a booster jab before Christmas. See PA story HEALTH Coronavirus Booster. Photo credit should read: Nick Potts/PA Wire
A Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine being prepared.

Fifty-five per cent of people hospitalised with the Delta variant have received no doses of a vaccine, new Public Health England (PHE) figures show.

Around 35 per cent of those in hospital have received two jabs but the figures are in line with expectations and do not undermine the vaccine’s effectiveness.

Professor Stephen Evans, Professor of Pharmacoepidemiology at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine said that with increasing numbers of people getting vaccinated and the vaccine having less than 100 per cent effectiveness, there will be an increase in the proportion of hospital admissions coming from people who have received their jab but became infected after.

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It comes as sixteen and seventeen-year-olds will be offered the Covid-19 vaccine in the coming weeks, and will not need the consent of their parents to get a vaccine.

“If 100 per cent of people were vaccinated, and the virus was still circulating there would still be a relatively small number of infections, hospitalisations and deaths because no vaccine is 100 per cent effective,” said Professor Evans.

“All the cases, hospitalisations and deaths would then obviously be in vaccinated people. It does not mean that the vaccines are ineffective, just that they are not 100 per cent effective.”

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“The evidence we have from non-randomised studies is that vaccine effectiveness is, as expected, somewhat less against the Delta variant than it is against the original variant of SARS CoV-2.”

PHE data shows that of recent admissions for the virus, 808 (55.1 per cent) were unvaccinated, while 512 (34.9 per cent) had received both doses of a vaccine.

The latest React study from this week showed that vaccines are less effective at preventing Delta infections than they were against previous strains.

People who are double-jabbed have around 49 per cent protection against getting infected overall, when asymptomatic cases are included. PHE said that early evidence suggested the levels of coronavirus found in people infected with the Delta variant are similar whether or not they are vaccinated.

The Delta variant, which originated in India, is the dominant strain in the UK and accounts for approximately 99 per cent of cases, PHE said in its latest briefing.

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