Jerry Jeudy hints at looming trade rumors with cryptic tweet

Amid rumors that Broncos wideout Jerry Jeudy isn’t going to get moved, Jeudy’s recent social media activity may suggest otherwise.

The league’s consensus so far has been that Denver Broncos wideout Jerry Jeudy is too expensive. Denver was reportedly asking for a first-rounder for Jeudy, which his potential suitors deemed too high given Jeudy’s level of production and injury-plagued last few years.

What changed from then to now?

Jeudy himself took to Twitter to post a vague comment presumably on the trade hubbub, and, well, one could interpret it any amount of ways.

The question everyone will be asking is: Who is Jeudy shushing?

Is it the media for so zealously reporting on every rumor surrounding Jeudy’s situation? Is it his own organization after Broncos head coach Sean Payton confidently said Jeudy (and Courtland Sutton) aren’t going to be traded? Is he quietly set to join a rival organization and preparing his fans for the move?

Jerry Jeudy stays mum on his shaky Broncos future in mysterious tweet

It’s anybody’s guess.

Jeudy’s top suitors are expected to be the New England Patriots and Cleveland Browns. Neither team has budged in recent days regarding the Broncos’ asking price, and Payton’s decisive words on the possibility of a trade would seemingly stamp out any remaining speculation on Jeudy’s and Sutton’s futures.

Jeudy could have chosen to post a loving message to the Broncos franchise or his support for his head coach, yet his cryptic message suggests this saga is far from over.

Besides, just because a head coach says one thing doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. That’s NFL Offseason Tactics 101. Never let them know your next move.

One needs only to go back one offseason and pull up the receipts of the A.J. Brown trade. At the time, the Tennessee Titans higher-ups remained adamant that Brown was going to stay a Titan, and less than a month later, Brown was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles.

In that case, the Eagles had no qualms forking over a first-rounder for a receiver in his prime. Jeudy’s exorbitant asking price has not changed at the time of this writing and Denver doesn’t seem to be the one to back down. As the offseason drags on, the Broncos could gain a bit more bargaining power as wideout-needy teams swing and miss on cheaper options (i.e. D-hop) and may become more incentivized (and desperate) to take a bigger gamble on Jeudy.

More questions than answers swirl around Jeudy’s status right now. Hopefully, he’ll give us more than just a five-letter tweet and an emoji in the coming months.