Logan Paul says fiancee Nina Agdal WILL ATTEND his October 14 bout despite her restraining order against his opponent, Dillon Danis… but admits he's nervous the 'predator' could drop out of the fight beforehand

Logan Paul insists he doesn’t regret agreeing to his October 14 boxing match with antagonist Dillon Danis. But, after the converted MMA fighter sexually harassed Paul’s model fiancee on social media for the last few months, the former YouTube star says he’s starting to doubt that Danis will actually show up on fight night in Manchester.

‘Coin flip,’ Paul laughed on a Zoom call with reporters on Wednesday. ’50-50. My man wakes up one day, he’s throwing a temper tantrum, he’s being a crybaby. Wakes up the next day, he thinks he wants to fight. Who knows with this guy? Irrational, delusional, predatorial human being — I have no idea.’

Nina Agdal, Paul’s fiancee, was recently granted a restraining order against Danis, who is being prevented by a New Jersey court from posting sexually explicit images of the 30-year-old Danish model.

The injunction, as well as Agdal’s lawsuit against Danis, follow the Bellator star’s controversial decision to share an X-rated video of her online. Danis has also made frequent disturbing social media posts in which he’s speculated about Agdal’s sex life.

Despite the restraining order, Paul said Agdal will be in attendance on October 14 in Manchester, where his bout with Danis will be the co-main event before KSI‘s match with Tommy Fury: ‘It’s not a physical restraining order; she’ll be there.’

‘Nina is a warrior, dude,’ Paul continued. ‘Dillon Danis is a puddle. Dillon Danis on Twitter, on X, behind a keyboard, is much different than Dillon Danis in person. I saw it, I witnessed it face to face. Just two separate entities.

‘And that night, in particular, will be incredibly glorious. After all of this, when my man is face down, flat, knocked out, horizontal, what are you gonna do? What are you gonna say? This is the man you are – the guy on Twitter, who decided to harass a woman for 60 days.’

Paul, 28, is appearing in only his second boxing match after losing to KSI in 2019.

Danis, meanwhile, was supposed to fight KSI in 2022 but withdrew beforehand amid allegations that he was underprepared. That makes the October 14 bout his first pro boxing match, that is, if he actually goes through with it.

On Wednesday with reporters, Paul couldn’t help but vent his frustrations about Danis.

‘This guy does not deserve this [bout], but he does deserve to get laid the f*** out.

‘I happen to be a vehicle for attention, unfortunately, and the way I’m getting this particular round of attention is through a boxing match with this scumbag.’

Despite that, Paul says he does not have any regrets about fighting Danis, adding that the October 14 card is ‘going to be one of the most exciting boxing cards we’ve seen in a very long time.’

As for Logan’s relationship with younger brother, Jake, things seem to be improving after a recent war of words between the two over a perceived slight in a Netflix special. Jake has accused Logan of being condescending towards him and admitted that the two social media and combat sports stars nearly hit a ‘breaking point.’

Now, though, Logan insists that’s in the past.

‘Jake’s my brother. he’s always going to be my No. 1, no matter what,’ Logan said. ‘Relationship is great. I think he understands my position, although it’s not easy for him. I love the kid, he loves me, we’re each other’s best friends. Right now, we’re great.’

Logan was asked about potentially fighting Jake at some point, but downplayed the suggestion saying ‘we just don’t need to do that.’

As for his future in boxing, Logan said he had no specific plans. He’d like to win a title, but if that doesn’t happy, he still sees a future for himself in the wrestling ring.

‘WWE championship, for sure, after I knock out Dillon Danis or whoever shows up that night,’ he laughed.