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11 surprising mentions of Liverpool in popular culture – from Netflix to Emmys


Liverpool Football Club is a name recognised around the world and one with a global fanbase to match, so it is perhaps not surprising that it pops up in places you might not expect from time to time.

Since 1892, the club has grown into one of the biggest on the planet, with plenty of famous faces from all walks of life confessing their allegiances for the Reds.

You may occasionally be caught off guard by references to your beloved team in situations you weren’t prepared for, but that comes with the territory of following this huge sporting institution.

Here, we are taking a look at some of the mentions of Liverpool in popular culture.

Let’s see how many you have spotted and let us know in the comments if there are any we have missed!


John Oliver’s Emmys speech, 2024

Comedian John Oliver used his big moment at the 2024 Emmy Awards to begin reeling off the names of Liverpool’s first team.

Oliver was accepting the Outstanding Scripted Variety Series award for his ‘Last Week Tonight’ show and strayed from the conventional gratitude lists to mention Alisson, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Virgil Van Dijk.

He was eventually jokingly told to wrap it up, but the club’s official Twitter account for American supporters later invited Oliver to “read our starting lineup anytime.”


Neighbours (TV)

You may have understandably tried to block the Roy Hodgson era out of your mind, but one player has been given a surprisingly glowing reference on a well-known Australian soap opera.

Former Red Milan Jovanovic was described as “one of the greatest soccer players in the world” during an episode of the popular TV show, Neighbours, something which raised eyebrows among those with an interest in the game.

Football is a subjective sport and it is all about opinions, but we’re not quite sure about this one!


‘Packs and Potions’, HAZEY

If you turned on any radio in 2022 you will probably recall a song called ‘Packs and Potions’ by local rapper HAZEY, and there was plenty of Liverpool focus in that particular tune.

The music video was recorded outside Anfield by Trent Alexander-Arnold‘s mural, and the vice-skipper was even given a shoutout in the song with the lyric: “And when they need more, I’m right back like I’m Trent.”

Several other footballers including Timo Werner, Sami Khedira and Andrea Pirlo get a mention, but the artist is dressed head to toe in Liverpool training gear to show where his football loyalties lie.


Iron Man 3 (Film)

Those with eagle eyes who have watched the Iron Man series will know that The Mandarin is in fact a Liverpool fan.

In the third instalment of the film, the character can be seen watching the Reds and celebrating their goal, so he’s clearly got taste!


Modern Family (TV)

We get another nod in the popular US comedy series Modern Family, when the character Haley defends her new-found love for the Reds by saying: “Everybody knows Liverpool is having a cracking good year.”

It comes in season nine of the show, which aired in 2018 as Jurgen Klopp was taking the Reds back to the top of world football.

As we know, things went somewhat south in the years that followed, unfortunately for us and Haley!


Peep Show (TV)

Fans of the British sitcom ‘Peep Show’ may have spotted a misjudged funeral cake which paid homage to Liverpool’s former captain.

After the passing of one of the characters, Gerrard Matthew, his old friend Mark Corrigan donated a dessert bearing the name and squad number of Steven Gerrard, despite the poor deceased man having no interest in football.

Mark refuted the notion that the gift was irrelevant, protesting: “Gerard loved the Reds, the red team.”


The Fall of the House of Usher (TV)

There is no shortage of famous Liverpool fans who mix in big circles, and one of them managed to showcase that love for the club on Netflix, no less!

Rahul Kohli can be seen wearing a YNWA jumper, complete with the Nike logo, on The Fall of the House of Usher as he played the role of an eponymous Usher.

Great choice, Rahul!


Cool Runnings (Film)

Some of these mentions are more subtle than others, and the inclusion of a retro Candy home shirt in Cool Runnings definitely falls under that category.

The film is as hilarious as it is heartwarming, and the Liverpool kit gives you something to look out for next time you give it a watch!


Doctor Who (TV)

A recent series of Doctor Who sees the Reds get another shoutout as Anfield gets another viewing.

The Doctor steps out of the Tardis in L4 and is delighted to find herself in those surroundings, reminiscing about the famous comeback against Barcelona in 2019.

It almost sounds like she’s trying to take credit for the winner, adding: “I was a ballboy for Trent once!”


‘Why Not’, K Koke

The stadium once again gets an outing in a music video for English rapper K Koke’s single “Why Not” which was released in 2021.

Scenes include the artist walking down Anfield Road on a matchday and singing along in Liverpool training clothes by the club shop next to the Kop.


Hero to Zero (TV)

This truly was the height of kids’ television!

Former Reds striker Michael starred in a programme which detailed the journeys of a young footballer under his watchful guidance.

The former striker surprised the child by appearing out of his own poster on the wall, something children up and down the country were hoping they could replicate in their bedrooms.