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Arsenal ban 3 fans for Hillsborough tragedy chanting


Arsenal have become the latest club to ban supporters for tragedy chanting about the Hillsborough disaster.

The North London club announced the bans in a statement on Thursday, saying: “We strongly condemn this abhorrent behaviour. We have worked closely with the police to ensure swift action was taken and we welcome the football banning orders handed out.”

Tragedy chanting is now enforceable as a public order offence, and the last week has seen two Man United fans arrested for offences at Old Trafford in last weekend’s FA Cup tie.

Three more United supporters were arrested following similar incidents at the Premier League encounter at Anfield.

In November, Luton and their manager Rob Edwards were forced to apologise after a large section of their support could be heard singing tragedy songs on the Sky Sports broadcast of Liverpool’s 1-1 draw.

Last summer, a Man United supporter was arrested and later charged for wearing a shirt bearing the number 97 and the words ‘Not Enough’ to the FA Cup final between Man United and Man City.

He was banned from attending all regulated football games for four years, as well as being fined £1,000 and ordered to pay £485 in court costs.

A Chelsea fan was arrested last August, and a Tottenham fan was banned last June.

Sixteen Chelsea fans were ejected from the away end for Hillsborough chants during the 0-0 draw at Anfield last season.

In their statement, Arsenal added: “We have a zero-tolerance approach to tragedy chanting and will always ensure strong action is taken against those found guilty of such behaviour.”

When will these neanderthals learn?