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Astros magic number, explained: Houston closes in on playoffs (UPDATED)


The Astros magic number is shrinking little by little. How much longer does Houston have to wait before clinching the NL West?

Early in the season, the Yankees looked like the class of the American League but the Astros have proven to be a far more consistent outfit, easily taking over as the top team in the AL.

They’ve been the best team across the regular season. The job on that front is almost done.

The only question left to answer ahead of the postseason is when Houston will clinch a playoff spot and then the AL West.

It’s coming, it’s just going to take a little time to get there.

What is a MLB magic number?

Magic numbers can be intimidating for those who hate math. You’re not alone if that applies.

Just know that the number is just a simple representation of how many games a team has before they can clinch a playoff spot or a division title.

If you don’t know what a magic number is, fear not. FanSided’s Noah Yingling of FanSided does a good jon of explaining the concept of a magic number for those who want to dive deeper.

What is the Astros magic number?

With a victory over the Angels on Friday night, the Astros are now down to single-digits in the pursuit of a playoff spot.

There’s work to do in the AL West, though an 11-game lead over the Mariners means it’s a matter of when not if.

Here’s where the magic number stands for Houston:

Astros magic number to win AL West: 14Astros magic number to make playoffs: 9

All eyes are firmly on the playoffs. Closing out the season without injury and without their form dropping off a cliff is the goal.