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Exciting Lineups for 250SX West and East Regions in 2024 Supercross


The 2024 Supercross season is shaping up to be a thrilling one, especially in the 250SX West and East Regions. We’ve got a sneak peek into the potential rider lineups, something that teams usually keep under wraps until just before the season’s start at Anaheim 1.

Insider Insights: Thanks to some valuable information shared by Steve Matthes in Racerhead #50 and other sources, we’re close to having a complete entry list for each region. However, remember that these are anticipated lineups, and changes are possible, especially if injuries arise.

Anticipated 250SX West Region Racers

  • Maximus Vohland on Kawasaki
  • RJ Hampshire with Husqvarna
  • Yamaha’s Garrett Marchbanks
  • Jo Shimoda riding Honda
  • Yamaha’s Jordon Smith
  • Ryder DiFrancesco* on GasGas
  • Talon Hawkins with KTM
  • Phil Nicoletti on Yamaha
  • Levi Kitchen riding Kawasaki
  • Mitchell Oldenburg with Honda
  • Nate Thrasher on Yamaha
  • Joshua Varize with GasGas
  • Kawasaki’s Mitchell Harrison
  • Max Miller on Suzuki
  • Dylan Walsh riding Kawasaki
  • TJ Albright with Yamaha
  • Yamaha’s Nick Romano*
  • Julien Beaumer* on KTM
  • Anthony Bourdon with Suzuki

Anticipated 250SX East Region Racers

Starting February 3 in Detroit, Michigan

  • Jeremy Martin on Yamaha
  • Tom Vialle with KTM
  • Jalek Swoll riding Triumph^
  • Honda’s Max Anstie
  • Yamaha’s Haiden Deegan
  • Pierce Brown on GasGas
  • Suzuki’s Dilan Schwartz
  • Carson Mumford with Honda
  • Seth Hammaker riding Kawasaki
  • Chance Hymas on Honda
  • Enzo Lopes with Yamaha
  • Honda’s Jeremy Hand
  • Cullin Park riding Honda
  • Yamaha’s Daxton Bennick*
  • Stilez Robertson on Yamaha
  • Cameron McAdoo with Kawasaki
  • Kawasaki’s Austin Forkner
  • Coty Schock on Yamaha
  • Marshal Weltin with Yamaha
  • Michael Hicks riding Yamaha
  • Husqvarna’s Guillem Farres*
  • Luca Marsalisi on Honda
  • Yamaha’s Jett Reynolds*
  • Preston Boespflug* with Suzuki
  • Husqvarna’s Casey Cochran* (After SX Futures)
  • Trevor Colip* on Honda
  • Brock Papi with KTM
  • Triumph’s Evan Ferry*^
  • Keegan Rowley* on Yamaha

*Indicates SX Rookie in 2024 ^Denotes Bike Debut in AMA SX in 2024

Stay tuned for an electrifying season as these talented riders take to the tracks in the highly anticipated 250SX West and East Regions of the 2024 Supercross!