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Francis Ngannou's serious punching power REVEALED: UFC star Tom Aspinall has word of warning for Anthony Joshua after learning full extent of The Predator's power on punching machine


Tom Aspinall has joked that he might ‘quit UFC‘ after learning learning of Francis Ngannou‘s incredible punching power, as the interim heavyweight champion delivers a word of caution to Anthony Joshua 

Ngannou is widely regarded as one of the hardest hitters in professional fighting, with the 37-year-old having startled WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury during their bout back in October, sending the Gypsy King to the canvas in the third round despite eventually suffering defeat. 

The former UFC heavyweight champion will step back into the ring on Friday night for his second professional fight in what is gearing up to be a seismic clash against Joshua, who will need to be weary of Ngannou’s power. 

The Cameroonian’s punches were once described as equivalent to ‘being hit by a Ford Escort‘ by UFC president Dana White and it appears Aspinall has also been left shocked by Ngannou’s raw strength.

In a video published on social media, Aspinall can be seen attempting to surpass Ngannou’s world record score of 129,161 on a PowerKube punching machine – which measures the force generated in a punch by speed and accuracy

Tom Aspinall was left baffled by Francis Ngannou's incredible punching statistics

Tom Aspinall was left baffled by Francis Ngannou’s incredible punching statistics

Anthony Joshua and Ngannou are set to meet in the ring on Friday in what will be a seismic clash

Anthony Joshua and Ngannou are set to meet in the ring on Friday in what will be a seismic clash 

Despite being a big hitter himself, having recorded 11 knockouts during his 14-fight career, Aspinall managed to register a score of 45,000, a whopping 84,000 points shy of Nganou’s stats. 

And the 30-year-old was left staggered by Ngannou’s stats, saying in the video which was published on X (formerly Twitter) bby @ChampRDS: ‘Nah he can’t go at 129,000.’

Aspinall sets himself before taking several hefty swings at the machine. 

‘He can’t have done 129,000,’ he said baffled by Ngannou’s stats. ‘If he’s done 129,000 that is ridiculous stuff. I think there’s something going on then.

‘I’m thinking about quitting,’ Aspinall, who has dropped several hints that he could fight at UFC 300 said, while shaking his head. 

Interestingly, Ngannou weight in 20lbs heavier than Joshua ahead of their ‘Knockout Chaos’ fight in Riyadh. He is two inches shorter than Joshua and three years older, but has a slightly longer reach at 83in to his opponent’s 82in arm length. 

He’s not the first person today who has issued a word of caution to Joshua over Ngannou’s raw power. 

Fellow UFC fighter Molly McCann told Sky Sports News that she thinks Ngannou’s power, which he demonstrated in his bout against Fury, could be Joshua’s ‘kryptonite’. 

‘I think, a punch has always got a chance… I really didn’t think he was going to do as well as what he did against Tyson Fury, McCann told Sky Sports News

Joshua comes into this bout off the back of a victory against Otto Wallin and could look to schedule a bout against Tyson Fury next

Ngannou has a slightly longer arm reach than Joshua and packs a hefty punch

Joshua (left) weighed in 20lbs lighter than Ngannou (right) for their meeting on Friday night

Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou will meet in their much-anticipated fight in Saudi Arabia

‘He’s put his down. He’s carried on working on his craft,’ she added. 

‘AJ’s kryptonite could be what Francis has got a lot of in his locker. 

The MMA star added: ‘Francis has got to sit down on his punches a little bit more and let them go a bit more than in his last fight – where he was a little bit tentative, because it was his first professional boxing bout.