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Healthy Homemade French Onion Dip


We can go through a lot of snacks at our house! Instead of opting for prepackaged (and not so healthy) versions, I try to provide healthy snacks for my family that are also tasty and kid-approved. This healthy homemade French onion dip is another one to add to the snack list. It’s great for kids, game day, and company (or even a midday snack).

For the Love of French Onion

In high school, I fell in love with the flavor of French onion soup. I hadn’t had it before since onions were banned in our house (my dad hated even the smell). Since then we’ve switched to real food and I now make my own French onion soup mix. French onion dip is another way to get the onion flavor I crave.

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This creamy dip really hits the spot when you just need something rich and full of flavor. I use full-fat sour cream for the base, but you could also use Greek yogurt or sub 1 cup mayonnaise for half of the sour cream. Sour cream mixed with a block of cream cheese would also be delicious. It’s pretty versatile so you can use what you have on hand.

I also use shallots instead of caramelized onions here. They add another depth of flavor but still have that lovely oniony taste. You could use yellow onions, white onions, or Vidalia sweet onions if you can’t find shallots though.

Instead of garlic powder, we’re using real minced garlic for a more flavorful dip. Some caramelized onion dip recipes call for soy sauce or Worcestershire sauce, but I’ve found I like it without.

Skip the Chip: Healthy Dipping Ideas

We don’t eat a lot of potato chips around here since most of them are made with unhealthy vegetable oils like canola and soy. However, there are some brands that use avocado oil or coconut oil for a healthier version of the plain potato chip.

Here are some other pretzel and potato chip alternatives to enjoy with this French onion dip. Hint: They don’t all have to be chips!