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Hilarious TikTok uses scene from The Office to explain Aaron Rodgers trade stalemate


The best way to explain what is going on between the Green Bay Packers and the New York Jets in the Aaron Rodgers trade stalemate appears to be a TikTok of an old episode from The Office.

For those who are familiar with The Office, you may find great hilarity in this TikTok explaining all that is going on between Aaron Rodgers, the New York Jets and the Green Bay Packers these days.

The Packers want to move on from Rodgers. He wants to continue playing in the NFL with the Jets. So it is up to their general managers in Joe Douglas and Brian Gutekunst to strike a deal. Of course, nothing with Rodgers is ever easy. Nothing was ever smooth sailing for the Scranton branch of Dunder-Mifflin, especially when negotiating with The Michael Scott Paper Company.

Behold! The hilarity and the spot-on nature of what is going on, Jim Halpert style, with this trade.

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We are not at the “I declare bankruptcy!” stages of these negotiations, but we better buckle up.

The Office TikTok help explains the ongoing Aaron Rodgers trade stalemate

For those who need a refresher on what was going on in Scranton back then, grab a seat… Scott, Pam Beasley and Ryan Howard had just left Dunder-Mifflin to start their own paper company. A corporate takeover ensued with Charles Miner and David Wallace entering the fray. Although The Michael Scott Paper Company was losing money, Dunder-Mifflin was losing major market share…

Against all odds, the Scranton branch had been Dunder-Mifflin’s most profitable branch. Miner made a point to say that. What he and Wallace were attempting to do was to buy out its “competitor” who took 10 of Dunder-Mifflin’s clients with them. Overall, the hilarity in this stems from the dysfunctional Scranton branch actually being the most well-run branch in the company.

Now that we are caught up to speed, let’s look at the TikTok Wisconsin Clothing Company put together for everyone’s enjoyment. Dunder-Mifflin corporate (The Jets) recognize that The Michael Scott Paper Company (The Packers) are in a tough spot financially. Rodgers (Howard) wants to be traded to New York. However, Gutekunst (Scott) knows how poorly his trade partner’s team is run.

Overall, this trade will end up happening because Rodgers cannot go back to Green Bay and New York has punted on pretty much all other free-agent options at quarterback. They could draft a guy and screw over the Packers, but Gang Green would have to trade up. Keep in mind they used their No. 2 pick on former BYU star Zach Wilson only two years ago, and that has blown up in their face.

Ultimately, we will get resolution in this because it is in people’s nature to hate tension and awkward situations. Scott became a household name because he unintentionally made things awkward. He was a good boss, a great skater and an elite entertainer for many of us watching mid-2000s domestic sitcoms. The Office was thriving when Rodgers was drafted back in the day.

Let’s hope that $12,000 or a third-round pick is enough to make these partners strike up a deal.