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How many times has Inter won the Champions League?


How many times has Inter won the Champions League? The Italian power is one of the most successful teams in the history of the European Cup.

Inter Milan surprised Europe by making it to the Champions League Final in 2023. Of course, it was only a surprise because recent Champions League success has been hard to come by for Simone Inzaghi’s outfit.

But in terms of historical competition, it just feels right for Inter to be involved in the biggest game of the year.

While Real Madrid leads all teams in Champions League victories and rival AC Milan owns the record for most European Cups among Italian teams, Inter has a rich history in the tournament.

How many times has Inter won the Champions League?

  • 1963-64: Inter Milan 3, Real Madrid 1
  • 1964-65: Inter Milan 1, Benfica 0
  • 2009-10: Inter Milan 2, Bayern Munich 0

Inter’s first European Cup victory came in 1964 over tournament giants Real Madric. The Spanish side had won the five editions of the event and fell to Benfica in the Final two years earlier. Inter’s Sandro Mazzola opened the scoring in the 43rd minute then capped the 3-1 victory with a 76th-minute goal.

The next year, the Italians hosted Benfica at the San Siro and once again found joy in the 43rd as Jair broke the deadlock and ultimately secured the win.

It took another 45 years before Inter would return to the pinnacle of European football. Facing Bayern Munich, Diego Milito scored both goals at the Bernabeu for Inter’s Champions League hat trick.

How many times has Inter played in the Champions League Final?

Inter has made six Champions League Final appearances including the 2023 Final against Manchester City.

While they won in 1964, 1965 and 2010, they lost to Celtic, 2-1, in 1967 and Ajax, 2-0, in 1972

We’ll see what other tales Inter will weave in their Champions League future.