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Jerry Jones is forcing an unnecessary issue for the Cowboys


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is a delusional man who recently said he believes the team can keep both Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard.

In today’s edition of “What in tarnation is going with the Dallas Cowboys,” owner Jerry Jones proves just of touch he is with reality and continues to draw frustration from fans.

The Cowboys are reportedly set on placing the franchise tag on Tony Pollard if no extension is reached by the Tuesday deadline, an oft-repeated rumor that has been going around for several weeks now.

Pollard would earn roughly $10 million on the franchise tag in 2023, and tagging him would most likely mean Ezekiel Elliott would have to find a new home. Unless, of course, you’re Jerry Jones and think that rostering two talented running backs for a combined cap hit of $20 million next season (that’s with a maximum restructure of Elliott’s current deal) is a smart idea.

Following reports that the Cowboys were going to tag Pollard, Jones was asked for his opinions on the matter and said Dallas can find a way to retain both running backs in 2023.

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Why can’t Jones just accept the cold, hard truth? It may be financially possible to roster both Pollard and Elliott, and of course, the Cowboys would want Elliott back on the team next season, but a wise decision, it is not.

Pollard has usurped Elliott to become the Cowboys’ main priority at the running back position, ranking first in the NFL in 2022 in yards per touch (5.9 yards). Elliott, on the other hand, stumbled his way through a career-worst season ranking in the bottom of the league in several efficiency stats.

The seventh-year back signed a six-year extension back in 2019 and will cost Dallas $16.72 million against the cap, the second-largest cap hit for a running back in 2023. Elliott has said he’s open to taking a pay decrease to keep playing ball with the Cowboys, yet Dallas’ cap space wizards can only do so much.

It would ultimately be in the franchise’s best interests to release Elliott with a post-June 1 designation to save the team nearly $11 million in cap space.

Leave it to Jerry Jones to make the situation much more complicated. Roster two elite running backs for an enormous cap hit, trade up to draft C.J. Stroud…. what other hare-brained ideas will Jones come up with this offseason?