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Jurgen Klopp tells Liverpool fans to make it “LOUD” if they must sing his song


Jurgen Klopp has had plenty to say about the timing of his song, and he now has another particular caveat for fans should they wish to sing it.

The first match since the news he would be stepping down was always going to be an emotional one, as it proved in the 5-2 win against Norwich.

Anfield made its voice heard with Klopp’s song readily reverberating around the ground, which we always knew was not the manager’s wishes.

In this instance, he did not get to dictate when ‘I’m so glad Jurgen is a Red’ was sung, and even Andy Robertson knows “he’s going to lose that battle.”

Throughout his post-match media duties, Klopp stressed that “we need to be warriors, not celebrate the old man on the sidelines,” though he did have one caveat for fans singing his song.

“I have to be professional, and I am professional,” Klopp said of the tributes from the stands to beIN SPORTS. “I hear it, I’m not deaf – thank god – I feel it, I get it all.

“I told the people it’s not necessary because I’m not in doubt about our relationship, but people can really do what they want, because they feel it as well.

“They created over the years a sensational understanding of everything we are doing, and so that’s all fine.

“It’s clear, it cannot be about me the whole game. It was in moments, and that’s fine, and it’s loud as well in the whole stadium.

“As a player you probably don’t understand exactly what the lyrics are so, if it’s loud, it’s fine!

“It was all good. It was the first game after the news, and I think the people did exceptional, and now we have another three days to let it settle a bit.

“Then, we can create a very special atmosphere in a football-sense for the Chelsea game.”

So you heard him, “if it’s loud, it’s fine!” Think we can manage that, Jurgen!