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Jurgen Klopp: “We need to be warriors, not celebrate the old man on the sidelines”


Jurgen Klopp has accepted there is plenty of emotion around him following his announcement, but he’s eager for Liverpool to “be warriors” as opposed to celebrating an “old man.”

Our manager is as humble as they come, always preferring the spotlight to be on his players and coaches instead of him.

Liverpool fans, though, are ever eager to show Klopp just how much he means to us, and it was no different on Sunday, in fact, the reaction was ten-fold.

Klopp’s song rang out around Anfield throughout the match, even though it was against his wishes. He accepts emotions are high, but is now ready for everyone to be “warriors.”

In typical Klopp fashion, he had a great way of conveying exactly how he feels about the tributes coming his way.

“I get it, it’s very emotional. I just have to make sure that I don’t get on that side of it, Klopp said of the fan’s reaction to BBC Match of the Day.

“I said they don’t have to do it because I know our relationship already. In the games, we need to be warriors and not celebrate the old man on the sidelines.

“First match after the news and we can get used to it. Chelsea are in a good moment, it will be tough but let’s make sure we are ready for that.”

It has been reiterated since Friday that Klopp still isn’t keen to hear his song during matches, which he explains is for superstitious reasons that may no longer exist after Sunday’s match.

“It’s not always easy, but I have to put myself together,” Klopp said of his emotional state. “I received all the messaged that people send, I’m not made of wood.

“I said not too long ago, don’t sing the song during the game, they, obviously, stopped listening to me already! That’s good.

“It’s fine, we won the game. Scored after that (his song) so if it was ever superstitious, it’s done as well, a reason for being superstitious in that case.”

There is little Klopp can do about his song being sung, but his request for Wednesday is more than manageable, to “do everything to make it as uncomfortable for Chelsea as possible.”

So less ‘old man’, more ‘warriors’!