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Jurgen Klopp’s agent dismisses any suggestion of another job next season


Jurgen Klopp is to leave Liverpool with two seasons still remaining on his contract, and any nonsense talk of him taking another job in the summer has been strongly dismissed by his agent.

“I’m running out of energy,” was Klopp’s explanation for his shock leaving notice in January, a decision that blindsided supporters and the media.

Despite making the decision to leave due to his need for a break after nearly nine years at Liverpool, Klopp has been continually linked to upcoming vacancies.

Barcelona is a club that consistently makes its rounds and with Bayern Munich confirmed to be parting with Thomas Tuchel at the end of 2023/24, that link is bound to pop up again.

However, Klopp’s agent, Marc Kosicke, has swiftly looked to stop any rumours before they begin, telling Sky Germany: “Jurgen Klopp will not coach any club or national team for a year after this current season.

“That remains unchanged.”

It is certainly a case of stating the obvious as Klopp would not have left Liverpool two years before the end of his contract to take a job elsewhere this summer, but sometimes it needs to be said out loud.

The 56-year-old has not ruled out a return to football in the future, but the first part of his plan post-Liverpool is to find some normality.

“I came here as a normal guy, I am still a normal guy, I just don’t live a normal life for too long now,” he said during his leaving announcement.

And Klopp previously told This Is Anfield in 2021 that his life after Anfield will be about “seeing the world” as he has “no time” to do it in his demanding role as manager.

Particular news cycles will still attempt to drum up stories of where Klopp goes next, but it’s pretty clear he has his heart set on leading as normal a life as he can.