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Jurgen Klopp’s top 10 Premier League wins – Origi madness to thrashing United


Jurgen Klopp recently hit the 300 game milestone in the Premier League, in that time he has delivered results that will stand the test of time, but which wins make up a top 10?

It is crazy to think that in October Klopp will have been Liverpool manager for eight years, where does the time go?

From his first Premier League game at Tottenham to the most recent win over Aston Villa, Klopp has racked up 300 matches in the top flight – 188 of them have resulted in victories.

As you can imagine, selecting a top 10 from a possible 188 is no easy feat, but This Is Anfield and The Late Challenge’s podcast hosts, Gareth Roberts and Paul Cope, did just that.

Speaking on Monday’s ‘Live at 5’ show, the pair reflected on how difficult the task was to separate one memorable victory from another.

Cope explained: “I tried to put them in order, but just in that, it’s f**king hard, isn’t it?

“I saw people talking about this in the week online, people are throwing in games [saying], you can’t have that mate. We’re talking about the Premier League.

“It just shows you how many great nights we’ve had, great games.”

Instantly, there will be matches that we all concur sit inside the top 10 – Roberts and Cope agreed on seven, though their rankings were not always eye to eye.

They both listed the victories over Norwich (4-5, 2016), West Brom (Alisson, 2021), Man City (1-4, 2015), Everton (Origi, 2018), Man United (7-0, 2023), Aston Villa (1-2, 2019) and Leicester (0-4, 2019) in their respective top 10s.

Though while Cope had the 7-0 thumping of United in his top spot, it only occupied fourth position for Roberts – who instead had the 4-0 win over Leicester as the best under Klopp.

Leicester were second in the league at that time, it’s worth remembering, and everyone was saying this was where they were going to trip up,” Roberts said of the Boxing Day win at Leicester.

“It was then where you were like, it’s happening, we’re going to finally do it.”

The other victories noted by either Roberts or cope included the 2016 win at Arsenal, Mane’s stoppage-time winner at Everton, the 2-0 win over United and 3-1 victory over Man City in the title-winning campaign.

We really have been spoilt for choice, but whose top 10 do you agree with?

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