Home News Justin Fields could be reaching out to hated rival for QB advice

Justin Fields could be reaching out to hated rival for QB advice


Justin Fields hasn’t yet cemented his status as a franchise quarterback, and he could be looking for advice from an NFL legend — who’s also a widely hated Chicago Bears enemy.

Justin Fields is considering calling the owner of the Chicago Bears to pick his brain for quarterback advice. No, not the McCaskey family. The one and only, Aaron “I still own you” Rodgers.

The 2021 first-rounder has improved leaps and bounds from his rookie season but could arguably still work on his passing abilities and pocket presence, among other areas of improvement. He might seek advice this offseason in-house among Chicago’s coaching staff; however, offensive coordinator Luke Getsy is apparently sending him into the belly of the beast, straight to Aaron Rodgers’ doorstep.

Getsy reportedly gave Rodgers’ phone number to Fields, and Fields has since indicated that he plans to reach out to Rodgers and “pick his brain” about the quarterback position.

Who better to ask than the man who “owns” the Bears franchise, routinely beating Chicago up every season for the last decade?

Justin Fields may seek advice from Packers quarterback and part-time Bears owner Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers relishes every NFC North matchup against the Bears and notoriously made headlines after yelling “I own you,” on a game-sealing touchdown in a 2021 win against the Bears.

From a Bears fan’s point of view, it’s a pretty humiliating remark. Even worse that it comes out of the mouth of a loathed division rival in Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Looking at Rodgers’ record against the Bears, Rodgers’ declaration makes sense from a purely football perspective: Rodgers is 24-5 with 64 touchdowns and nearly 7,000 passing yards against the Bears in his career.

He’s owned the Bears, alright. And even though Chicago might not like it, Fields is doing his career a huge favor by asking a future Hall-of-Famer to help him hone his quarterback play.

Considering all of the factors working against his favor, Fields has shown just a glimpse of his potential in the last two years. He’s coming off an individual triumph of a season in 2022, throwing for 2,200-plus yards and adding another 1,100-plus rushing yards, but it’s clear he still has work to do in the passing department.

Fields could stand to benefit from a little heart-to-heart with Rodgers; besides, it’s not like Fields is jostling to be Rodgers’ successor in Green Bay or anything. Fields’ allegiance remains firmly with Chicago (is it mutual, though?), and he merely wants to bounce ideas back and forth with one of the league’s greatest quarterbacks.

No harm done, no hurt feelings. We’re all adults here.