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Kansas City Chiefs rumors: Chris Jones extension in the works


Fresh off their Super Bowl win, the Kansas City Chiefs and star pass rusher Chris Jones are working on a new contract. 

After months of doubt regarding the Kansas City Chiefs’ ability to win the Super Bowl after suffering key losses on the offensive end… the team won the Super Bowl, in part due to the tremendous play of their defense.

Now, the Chiefs’ top defensive ace is due for a significant payday. According to Nate Taylor of The Athletic, Chris Jones and the Chiefs are working toward an extension. With Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce extended long term as well, Kansas City is making sure its core remains in tact for another half-decade of title pursuits.

With training camp set to open in July, the two sides have ample time to hammer out the specific details of the contract. One thing we know for sure, however, is that Jones would become one of the highest paid players at his position.

The Kansas City Chiefs and Chris Jones are working toward a lucrative new contract

Jones was near the top of the NFL in sacks last season, registering 15.5 at the helm of the Chiefs’ vaunted pass rush. Kansas City has become known for its offensive fireworks, but in the NFL — just like any other sports league — it’s near impossible to compete without a competent defense. Jones made sure the defense was more than competent.

Coming off a year in which he registered 30 tackles (his highest mark since 2018), Jones is cemented as one of the NFL’s top defensive tackles. According to Taylor, Jones wants to become “at least” the second-highest paid player at his position. The extension is also expected to range from 3-4 years.

At 28 years old, Jones is still in his athletic prime. While football contracts carry more risk than other sports, it’s becoming more commonplace to spend big on the best players — and to give those players significant guaranteed money. A Jones exit would leave an irreplaceable right smack in the middle of Kansas City’s defense. And, when you’re competing for a championship every year, it’s smart to continue investing in what appears to be working.