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Kenny Pickett gets high praise from his most important WR


Kenny Pickett getting Allen Robinson’s ringing endorsement this soon is a huge deal for the Pittsburgh Steelers going forward.

Allen Robinson knows a thing or two about quarterbacks, from good, to bad, to downright ugly…

With the former Pro Bowl wide receiver coming aboard this year, it is important for him to get on the same page with Kenny Pickett. The good news is Robinson seems love to what the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback is all about, at least from a leadership perspective…

Robinson is a fan of football, so he has seen him play in a ton of big games from his days at Pitt prior to last season.

Here is some of what Robinson had to say about the Steelers’ up-and-coming star quarterback.

“For a second-year quarterback he is definitely wise beyond his years. How he leads the charge. His work ethic day in and day out. Very focused. He is definitely beyond his years. I was impressed when I got here. Watching somebody from the outside looking in, you definitely see the talent. Once you actually get in the facility and are able to be around Kenny, you see why he is successful.”

While Pickett was always seen as the most pro-ready quarterback in the incredibly weak draft class for the position, his elite intangibles are what will give him staying power in the league.

Pittsburgh Steelers new WR Allen Robinson heaps praise on QB Kenny Pickett

I cannot emphasize to you how important it is for Robinson to be all-in on Pickett this soon. While pass-catchers like wideout George Pickens and tight end Pat Freiermuth may have brighter futures than even Robinson had coming out of Penn State, the newcomer is the veteran of the group. Robinson never matched his 2015 campaign with the Jacksonville Jaguars, but he is a pro.

Frankly, his career has largely been defined by catching passes from Christian Hackenberg, Blake Bortles, Mitch Trubisky and Justin Fields. Reuniting with Trubisky in Pittsburgh is not the end of the world for Robinson, but the latter portion of his pro career may be tied to Pickett. To be bought into what Pickett is selling as a leader is incalculable. This is how they keep pace in the AFC North.

See, Pickett is the fourth most talented quarterback in the division, trailing Joe Burrow, Lamar Jackson and Deshaun Watson, probably in that order. However, he was fortunate enough to land in the most stable organization possible for an NFL Draft prospect. The best part is the Pitt star didn’t even have to move. The question is if major stability will get the most out of Pickett’s game.

Admittedly, there is not a lot of margin for error in how the Steelers have built this team. Their success is predicated on defense, running the ball and Pickett playing like he did during his final year at Pitt. Even then, it may not be enough to overtake the Cincinnati Bengals, the Baltimore Ravens firing on all cylinders, or even the Cleveland Browns if they were to ever get it together.

Then again, you cannot put a price on a transcendent leader playing the most important position.