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Klopp hits the deck & Gakpo’s side-eye – 6 things spotted vs. Burnley


Jurgen Klopp experienced quite the emotional rollercoaster in the 3-1 win over Burnley, from dropping to his knees in disbelief to fist pumps x3!

The Reds got back on track in front of a record Anfield crowd on Saturday thanks to goals from Diogo Jota, Luis Diaz and Darwin Nunez.

It was not a performance Liverpool will set as their benchmark, but considering their long list of absentees, the three points were all that mattered.

Considering the match started at 3pm, there may have been quite a few things you did not notice, so let us help you with that! And you may just notice a theme…


Refs send Jurgen to his knees

You can probably tell from how Klopp had to turn himself into a hermit crab in the dugout that he had already been shown a yellow card by the referee!

The manager’s outburst came after the linesman awarded a throw-in to Burnley when it was clear Harvey Elliott had hit the ball into the opposition player.

You could feel his frustration from miles away!


A fist pump for you, and you…and you!

The boss was a happy man by the time the full whistle came around and he treated three sides of Anfield to his trademark fist pumps – only the Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand missed out.

There’s only a finite number of these left, soak them up!


Always time to appreciate a knee slide

From start to finish, this is excellent form from Nunez. He deserved that moment!


Gakpo’s side eye…

The look that speaks a thousand words! Some of them may include, ‘get me on the pitch then, boss’.

Klopp never fails to entertain!


Take a look at the Anfield Road End

The manager described the new stand, which was almost close to capacity, as “outrageously wonderful” and it was not hard to see why.

It was decked out in red, scarves were everywhere – what a sight to behold.


A little love for Elliott!

Harvey Elliott flipped the game on its head when he was introduced at half time and he deserved every plaudit he received.

Nunez was arguably the most grateful for his performance, and the duo shared a brilliant moment in front of the Kop.

A fine 45 minutes from the super sub!