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KSI vs Tommy Fury weigh-in RECAP: Dillon Danis claims opponent Logan Paul hasn't made weight with Jake Paul teasing a surprise on social media


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Thanks for joining us!

Well thank you for joining us for that absolute rollercoaster.

From spiderman to Salt Papi, we saw it all out there.

Well, almost all – we still haven’t had a look at Logan Paul’s face, but we’ll just have to wait for that tomorrow.

The event promises to be about as eventful and explosive as the last few days have been, if not more so, so make sure you come back and join us for it as we bring you live, blow-by-blow action from Manchester.

Take care everyone, we hope to see you tomorrow!

You can find our reports for both those main event fight weigh-ins below, too, if you want to re-live the action!

‘Another one bites the dust’

Here’s what Fury and KSI had to say after their antics in the cage:

‘The other one said the same thing, Jake Paul is different he said, in 24 hours KSI will be beaten just like Jake Paul. And guess what? Another one bites the dust,’ began Fury.

‘This is my town Manchester, I want to thank everyone for coming out here I’m not going to disappoint you. We’ll show these Londoners how we rock up here, he’s gonna get knocked spark out!’

But KSI came back at him, questioning his home support: ‘How is Tommy Fury getting booed in his own hometown? Ladies and gentlemen, it’s KSI!

‘Ladies and gentlemen I’ve been the underdog before, this isn’t my first time. From Joe Weller to Logan Paul, I’ve been here before. So understand this, no one knows what I know, what my team knows, no one fucking knows what my f***ing sparring partners know.

‘But tomorrow ladies and gentlemen you will all understand and you will all know. Let’s f***ing go baby!’

Off they go!

We didn’t exactly have the fireworks and blood drawn that last night offered, but that was a very intense hour or so.

Idriss Virgo has his shirt off again for some reason, as the commentary team offer their predictions for what’s going to go down tomorrow.

Plenty of intrigue for Slim vs Salt Papi surprisingly, but as for on-stage thrills, you’d have to give it to the headline event.

Fury and KSI didn’t leave a lot unsaid out there, and inflicted some serious damage on the glass cage separating them.

Paul and Danis’ interaction though felt like there was a lot more genuine bad blood, and I’m sure we’re all wondering why Paul refused to take off his balaclava.

Good question, KSI

Fury claims he’ll be taking down KSI as he took out Paul… although that one was a split decision win…

He remains fairly calm on the mic in contrast to how he erupted in the cage.

KSI then – perhaps rightly – asks why Fury is being booed in his own hometown, before laughing in the face of the boos he in return receives.

KSI isn’t worried as he makes it clear he’s used to being the underdog, but sends a warning that his ‘sparring partners’ can tell Fury what to expect.

The glass holds just about

KSI laughs maniaclly as he comes into the cage, before Fury slams the glass.

That’s the spark that the fuel needed to kick off, though, before the two of them trade blows on the glass.

Whoever made that perspex deserves a raise – plenty of venom and muscle thrown at it, and firm it holds.

Now for the Nightmare

The Nightmare KSI is also getting a fair few boos, but looks pretty non-plussed as his achievements are read out.

Say what you will, though, he looks extremely confident and comfortable as he comes to the scales.

He comes in at 181.3lbs, a pound down on fury.

Mixed reception for Fury

the ‘undefeated’ Fury comes out in his home town, to a surprising amount of boos.

Wonderwall in the background as he takes to the scales and comes in at 182.6lbs.

Very mixed reception for Fury, who duly takes his place in the pantomime cage.

KSI v Fury next

Now for the main event…

Off they go

Off they go with no further drama.

For more on that weigh-in check out the story below.

Still no look at Paul’s face

Now Danis punches the glass, before asking the fans to back him as he asks for Paul to take his balaclava off before punching the glass and walking out the cage, calling Paul a ‘P****’

His comments to the camera are more or less the same.

Paul, on the other hand claims he’ll ‘F*** up’ the ‘dirty’ fighter.

Take your time, Logan

He’s taking time putting his clothes back on, much to Danis’ chagrin.

Some fairly brusque encouragement comes Paul’s way from the cage, which Danis is busily kicking.

Paul makes weight

Now here comes Paul, with a balaclava with PRIME written on it.

Danis is already in the cage, watching as the WWE star strips down to his pants and comes in at 194.4.

He’s yet to take off the balaclava, so we’re not quite sure what the damage is from that mic to the face yesterday.

Danis first up

Michael Buffer is on the mic now, and doesn’t quite get the roar he’s looking for as he sends praise Manchester’s way.

First up is Danis out of New York, and after having his feats read out, comes out to a mixed reception, if anything.

There are huge numbers in there, but weirdly that isn’t translating into much noise.

Danis comes in at 195 almost dead on.

Paul’s on his way

He’s on his way to the stage now…

Paul wants a path made for him

Commentators are claiming Paul IS here, just waiting for a path to be made so that he can take to the stage.

Helps with the drama of the night, you’ve got to say.

Where is Logan?

So Danis is ready to go but there’s been a delay with Paul behind the scenes as far as we’re hearing.

Danis looks like a caged beast out there, all but pacing up and down backstage.

He’s not best pleased with Paul’s tardiness.

I’s a pretty expletive rant about his opponent, who he claims is ‘scared’ of facing him outside the cage.

A few choice words aimed at Logan’s brother Jake, too.

That’ll simmer down the tension.

Paul IS here, but won’t be out just yet

We’re hearing that there’s going to be a delay with Paul coming out.

He is in the building, we’re told, but he won’t be coming out just yet.

He and Danis, KSI and Fury, will all be facing off in the cage, rather than out in the open.

Judging by yesterday’s scenes, seems a fair enough move.

Slim not making many friends

‘No comment,’ says Salt Papi before stating he hopes Slim can bring his best tomorrow.

Slim is full of praise for Salt Papi making the weight, but insists that it’s not about the physique, as he’ll prove ‘when the hands get to work’.

He tries to bridge the gap across the Atlantic with a few ‘innit bruvs’, that don’t take with the crowd.

‘Dragon Ball Z’ Salt Papi

Slim and Salt Papi will fight over five three-minute rounds, and first comes Salt Papi.

It’s an impressive shape change for Salt Papi, who leaves the commentators talking all about Dragon Ball Z – a great show by the way – which tells you a lot about the man out of London’s physique.

In comes Slim, to a few boos from the crowd, and he – there’s no other way to descsribe it – dances his way out to Usher.

He takes his time stripping down to his trousers for the scales, and has a two-pound advantage on Salt Papi.

The dancing carries on, while both exchange versions of ‘it’s on, baby!’ before Slim flirtatiously adds ‘you look cute, I ain’t even gonna lie!’

He’s got even more to add

He claims his ‘drip and his shoes are better’ than Sharks.

He also made a reference to the quality of the company that he keeps over his opponents, befor esauntering his way out.

Deen the Great has a lot to say

Walid Sharks will be up against Deen the Great, who brings his belt out with him before some particular graphic gestures to the crowd, who aren’t best predisposed to him.

Deen the Great, seemingly talking to himself as he gets nothing out of Walid Sharks, claims he ‘will f*** you up’ and he sees ‘a b**** in you’ as they square off.

Looks to be a bit of spice in that showdown.

Parting shot

And in a parting shot, he claims that the only good thing about Manchester is ‘the women’.

Unsurprisingly a few boos follow him out the arena.

The new King of England?

He claims Anthony will ‘gas out’ early and calls for fans to tune in for ‘a beating’ on Saturday night.

Taylor, predictably, isn’t exactly backward in going forward.

He’s even gone so far as to say he’ll be ‘the new King of England’

He is offering, no more war, no more taxes and nobody else has to work.

Kenny vs Taylor next

King Kenny and Taylor are on next for the light heavyweight title.

Taylor – out of California – gyrates his way onto the stage to Ginuwine’s Pony with a smirk on his face, before he thumps his chest after his weight is announced.

King Kenny receives a far warmer greeting in his Man United shirt.

Some of the better trash talk this time, as Anthony tries to take Kenny’s hat off, before some insinutation that all Anthony has is an overhand right.

he doesn’t seem too annoyed, though, and just laughs in his face.

Flowers for My Mate Nate

My Mate Nate out of Bangkok busts some very questionable moves for his showdown with Brazil’s Batista.

The effort to which Gresham tried to big up the Brazilian before he took to the stage contrasted painfully with the lack of any sort of acknowledgement from the crowd when he took to the stage.

Oh what’s this? He’s brought My Mate Nate some flowers….

You’d think that that’s a bit of mind games going on there.

Tag-team weigh ins

Now for the first time we’ll have tag team titles on the line tomorrow, with Pineda and B Dave out first for their turn on the scales.

Out come their opponents who quickly start to slam BDave’s height.

Bold when you’ve emerged in a spiderman mask…

Swarmz WILL fight tomorrow

Ed Matthews is next up, for his fight with Swarmz.

There was some uncertainty over whether Swarmz would be fighting tomorrow, but out he comes.

Security are much closer to this pair then they have been all night but it’s just a very, very steely glare/smoulder between the two.

Very strange interaction

Tempo Arts is next for the scales, and his calves have been giving huge billing by Virgo, and to be fair he’d give Jack Grealish a run for his money.

Out comes Demoor in a mask to try and lend some theatre to the occasion.

He then – appropo of nothing – roars in Tempo Arts’ face and screams ‘I’m gonna f*** you up!’

Arts seems less than intimidated, and then spoils the facade as he draws a laugh out of Damoor, before they embrace and part off the stage.

First sign of drama for Alexia vs Astrid Wett

Todd Gresham’s difficulty with pronouncing ‘Derby’ is now picking up some traction as Alexia comes out for her weigh in with Astrid Wett.

Very dramatic exchange of words, although neither of them seem to know where the microphone is so it’s lost.

A shove from Wett on Alexia sees both fighters hurried off the stage.

Fair enough to the DJ, he’s now woken up seemingly with some consistent backing music.

An odd atmosphere

Early weights for DTG and SX receive… moderate acclaim from the crowd.

A very long stare down each others’ noses to build the tension, but it says a lot for the calibre of that fight that much of the discussion is over whether SX should be allowed to do his weigh in without taking off his shirt.

It’s an odd atmosphere in there, with the music dripping in and out with the crowd offering very little this early on.

The greatest crossover event in history

Here we go on the stage ass we get set for the weigh-ins.

Another nod to calling it the ‘greatest crossover event in history’ – that’s the third reference so far in the 11 minutes we’ve been running.

Watch the jab, KSI

As far as Virgo is concerned, this fight is all but over.

He’s singing KSI’s praises, and claims there is nothing that Fury can do to stop him.

Virgo does concede that Fury’s jab is something to be feared, but KSI can ‘shock the world’ tomorrow.

Was Paul trying to get the fight called off?

We’re re-living the highlights of last night still, the current topic of discussion Danis’ mic throw,

Virgo – no shirted again – suggests that Danis’ actions could be an attempt to get the fight called off….

An interesting theory, what do we think?

Big crowd

There are plenty packed in to this weigh in.

At the moment they’re being treated to former Love Island star Idris Virgo taking his shirt off and proving he is ‘in shape’.

The ‘destroyer of influencers’

Throughout the opening monologue Tommy Fury has been referred to as ‘the destroyer of influencers’…

I don’t think that’s quite as scary a nickname as he thinks it is.

Less than a minute to go…

Here we go everyone, just a minute away from the weigh-in kicking off.

It’s almost surprise time, Mr KSI

KSI and Tommy Fury both earn thousands of pounds from ‘fake’ followers through their Instagram sponsored post, a new study has found.

Tensions continue to rise between the two fighters, with KSI – given name Olajide Olatunji – goading the former Love Island star’s father, John during Wednesday’s open workout.

Footage of John Fury shows Tyson‘s father getting brutally knocked out while competing as a professional.

Many will only know ‘Big John’ for being Tyson and Tommy’s dad. However, many may not know that he was a former professional boxer.

Between 1987 and 1995, Fury Snr had 13 bouts as a heavyweight, winning eight times and suffering four defeats along with one draw.

KSI and Logan Paul have shown off their Prime-themed kits ahead of their co-main event battles on Saturday night.

The social media star, nevertheless, has opted for a green and black look for the bout, and posed holding a Prime glowberry bottle – the brand the pair own together.

Dillon Danis is scheduled to go head-to-head with Logan Paul this weekend in Manchester, but the MMA star has fans worried after he asked Tommy Fury what the rules of boxing were.

The Bellator fighter will be making his boxing debut against Paul this weekend – which is set to be headlined by KSI and Tommy Fury.

Paul, meanwhile, has some experience in the ring, fighting business partner KSI and, more recently, Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition bout.

Logan Paul has fired back at his ‘haters’ after being punched in the face with a microphone by his opponent Dillon Danis ahead of their fight on Saturday.

The pair will go toe-to-toe at Manchester’s AO Arena after months of exchanging increasingly vicious insults on social media and in interviews.

Danis has repeatedly targeted Paul’s fiancee Nina Agdal in a bid to unsettle the Prime entrepreneur, which led to the model filing an $150,000 (£122,000) lawsuit and taking out a temporary restraining order against the MMA fighter.

Dillon Danis claimed he will now fight Jake Paul after saying his hotly-anticipated fight with Logan Paul should be cancelled, accusing his opponent of breaking the rules surrounding their weigh-in.

The MMA fighter and Youtuber-turned-boxer co-headline the highly anticipated night of boxing in Manchester on Saturday alongside KSI and Tommy Fury.

The build-up to the fight has been shrouded in controversy with Danis executing a staggering campaign of personal attacks on Paul, while he then struck him in the face with a microphone at their final press conference.

Tensions have been racheting up on the eve of the contest, with Fury Snr frequently stepping into the melee.

Wednesday’s open practice saw KSI – given name Olajide Olatunji – spit at Fury’s father from a balcony, with Fury Snr lobbing a bottle in the Prime entrepreneur’s direction in response.

But somehow – SOMEHOW – Paul getting a microphone dashed at his face was not the biggest moment of the night night.

After several minutes of trash talking between the two men, John got on stage and into the cage before smashing the panel with multiple punches and finishing off by throwing a headbutt.

Check out the link below for more on that incident.

With his brother Logan now at risk of missing out, Jake Paul has declared that he would step in for his brother and fight Dillon Danis, insisting he would enjoy ‘taking that maggot out’.

So last night was… interesting, to say the least.

Among many things – which we will definitely be getting round to shortly – Dillon Danis threw a microphone in Logan Paul’s face leaving their face-off in doubt tonight.

In fairness to the WWE star, there was a fair amout of blood drawn on his face by the stunt, before he was bustled off the stage.

Check out what happened below….

Good evening everyone!

Hello everyone and welcome to this evening’s coverage of the KSI-Tommy Fury weigh-in!

There’s been a fair amount said and done between the two parties in the last 24 hours to say the least, which we will be more than happy to bring to you over the next 50 minutes or so until it gets underway.

So stick with us as we build up to what promises to be a blockbuster, thrill-a-minute event this evening.

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 12: KSI (L) and Tommy Fury face off during a KSI v Tommy Fury - Prime Card Press Conference at Manchester Central on October 12, 2023 in Manchester, England. (Photo by Ben Roberts Photo/Getty Images)
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