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Liverpool fans baffled “horrific” tackle on Ibrahima Konate didn’t even go to VAR


Though Liverpool came away unscathed with no new injuries from their 3-1 win over Sheffield United, Ibrahima Konate somehow escaped a shocking challenge.

The Reds had already taken a blow on Thursday night as Conor Bradley‘s own goal levelled the scores at Anfield, when it looked like Konate would be forced off the pitch.

After a tussle with forward William Osula in the penalty area, Konate won the ball and Bradley was able to bring it away.

But in the immediate aftermath, Osula appeared to launch himself into a nasty challenge on the Frenchman which saw him wrap his legs around the centre-back’s knee.

Referee Stuart Attwell waved away the incident, seemingly to rule out a penalty, but there was no focus on Osula’s challenge on Konate.

The game went on as Liverpool put together an attack, before Attwell stopped play with Konate on the floor in agony and requiring treatment.

Surprisingly, he was able to play on for the rest of the game, but despite there having been a delay of over two minutes, there was no intervention from VAR Chris Kavanagh.

That left supporters baffled, given the severity of Osula’s challenge and the clear intent behind it, with there no ball to be won.

There should perhaps be no surprise at this point that these incidents are waved away by officials, who seem more wrapped up in laws and red tape than they are the game played in front of them.

But the genuine risk of injury to Konate should have come into consideration, if not by referee Attwell then certainly Kavanagh in the VAR booth.

In his post-match press conference Jurgen Klopp explained that “nobody got injured as far as I know,” but fingers remain crossed there are no latent effects for his No. 5.