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Liverpool FC ticket prices to rise – but lowest increase in Premier League


Liverpool FC have announced a two per cent rise in season tickets and members’ match day tickets for the 2024/25 season, which the club say works out at less than £1 per game for season ticket holders.

With many clubs, including Man City, announcing price rises of up to 5 per cent for next season, Liverpool have made “the lowest ticket price rise so far across the Premier League.”

The Reds have also announced that they will freeze ticket prices for juniors and local tickets at £9, which is one of the lowest priced tickets across the league.

Explaining the two per cent rise, Liverpool FC state:

“The rise is a result of significant increase in costs across the club, in the past six years annual operating costs for Anfield have increased by nearly 40 per cent.

“During those six seasons, all ticket prices at Anfield have been frozen before a two percent increase was introduced last season for season tickets and match day tickets.”

The 2024/25 season ticket renewal period will be from April 10 to May 27. Further details will be sent to season ticket holders in due course.


Liverpool FC Ticket Prices Season 2024/25

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