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Look: Basketball and Justin Thomas are the only things that make Nick Saban smile


Nick Saban smiled more sitting next to Justin Thomas at an Alabama basketball game than he ever did winning a national championship.

“That wasn’t me smiling at the Alabama basketball game, so quit askin’!” – Nick Saban, probably.

I mean, we have video evidence that proves the contrary, good sir. Then again, can you really blame Coach Saban? Like Chocolat, Justin Thomas is just delightful. The only thing smoother than a two-pack of Little Debbie oatmeal creme pies is how Nate Oats’ team plays on the hardwood, and I’ll just leave it at that. It is truly amazing how liberating things can be at a basketball school.

Ask yourself this real quick: Do you see Mark Stoops being this full of life over at Rupp Arena?

Live, Laugh, Little Debbie: Nick Saban in his bag at an Alabama basketball game

Look. Life is hard and coaching is even harder. You are trying to convince people from all over the globe to come together to do something great. In football, you are trying to move other giant humans against their will to win games. Basketball is not exactly like that, but you are out there for all the world to see. When you miss your free throws, everyone will be judging you accordingly.

Fresh off two straight seasons without a national championship, we are starting to wonder if Saban will get lucky No. 7 in Tuscaloosa. He already has seven combined with the LSU title, but one more for the road would only help cement his legacy as college football’s coaching GOAT. His greatest protege Kirby Smart has won the last two and does not appear to be slowing down at all.

Ultimately, Saban can do whatever he wants. He has transformed a football program, a university, a state and an entire sport. Nobody did more for raising the bar than Saban did at Alabama. He is and will remain the standard. This is the offseason for him after all. Plus, Thomas is a hoot and a half. When most men his age have already retired, Saban will be back in the office early Monday.

He has already hired both of his coordinators, so Saban should get to enjoy some R&R at Coleman.

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