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Luis Diaz’s dad delights with his dancing – and 12 more brilliant viral moments


Luis Diaz‘s dad has become quite the popular figure among Liverpool supporters thanks to his exuberance while supporting his son, and it’s resulted in a lot of viral moments!

Luis Manuel Diaz is one of a kind, his infectious personality, dance routines and celebrations are often seen while scrolling on various social media platforms.

Diaz Sr has endured quite the year following his horrific kidnapping experience, but he is not allowing it to have any control of him as he supports his son around the world.

The latest example comes from Colombia’s friendly win over Spain at West Ham‘s stadium, which saw Liverpool’s No. 7 notch an assist during his 90-minute outing.

But it was Diaz Sr, also known as Papa Diaz, who stole the spotlight with a video of him dancing, which had Liverpool fans in hysterics:

He is quite the vibe, and seemingly never says no to showing off his moves! The man cannot and will not be stopped:

And he puts just as much heart and soul into supporting Luis, whether it be for Liverpool or Colombia – it means he’s accrued quite the away credits!

And he never misses an opportunity to take photos, he’s amassing quite the collection with the likes of Jurgen Klopp, Mo Salah, Kevin De Bruyne and Erling Haaland:

Papa Diaz is just out here living his best life, and you cannot fault him for doing so! His passion and enthusiasm is unstoppable, and something tells us there will be a lot more viral moments to come.