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Mama Kelce finding Travis, Jason after Super Bowl hits right in the feels (Video)


Mama Kelce finding Travis and Jason after Super Bowl hits right in the feels.

There’s really nothing sweeter than a mother’s love.

We all knew that Donna Kelce had two sons, on opposing teams, in the Super Bowl and many wondered how the post-game celebration and sorrow might play out for her. After all, she’s got to console one kid while celebrating with the other.

In this video, released on Valentine’s Day, we see the moment she was reunited with her boys.

And you might want to grab a tissue.

In the video, there’s a swarm of reporters trying to get a moment with Travis Kelce, whose team won the big game. He is seen running away and his mother grabs him by his arm. He almost bats her away before realizing it’s her and pulls her into a huge embrace.

“It’s me! Momma,” she says.

Thet both laugh as they embrace as cameras swarm.

“I love you, mom,” Travis says again. “How about this mom? You had the week of your life, I had the year of my life.”

Then the video cuts to Donna finding Jason, whose team, the Eagles cleared the field after their loss. Jason, wanting to watch his brother celebrate, stayed on the field.

“I’m looking for my parents,” Jason says to one of his teammates.

Donna walks up behind him and they embrace, “Hey, mom,” Jason says.

“I love you,” she says as she pats his back. “Good job. It was so fun watching you all week.

We bet you are crying now, huh?