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Matt LaFleur’s latest Jordan Love comment won’t make Packers fans happy


Jordan Love is going to take Aaron Rodgers’ place on the field for the Packers, but head coach Matt LaFleur doesn’t want him to try to replace his stats.

Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur understands that taking over for Aaron Rodgers is going to be a Herculean task for Jordan Love. That’s precisely why he’s doing everything he can to take the heat off his unproven quarterback.

Even if LaFleur believes Love is ready for prime time, he’s not going to let fans know. That’s why he’s encouraging the team’s passionate fanbase to “temper” their expectations for his play in 2023. In other words, Packers fans shouldn’t expect Love to put up the video game statistics that Rodgers has during the prime of his career in Green Bay.

The head coach’s words will likely be reflected in his playcalling once Week 1 arrives. Packers fans should expect to see the coaching staff do everything within their power to win without putting too much on Love’s shoulders. Love’s installation as the team’s new starting quarterback should coincide with the culmination of LaFleur’s mission to turn the offense into a running juggernaut.

Packers fans won’t like Matt LaFleur’s latest comment on Jordan Love

Love will still have a key role to play by keeping the offense on schedule. He’ll be much more of a caretaker than a superstar when the regular season begins. The only way he’ll be given more opportunities to win games with his arm is if he excels in playing sharp, efficient football in the opening few weeks of the campaign.

That might make it even more difficult for Packers fans who don’t want to see Rodgers depart to buy into their new starting quarterback. The only true way for LaFleur to get the fans on Love’s slide is to reel off a few victories to start the season.

Winning has a way of helping fans overlook the style of play they’re used to. LaFleur believes his team has the talent required to win, but they won’t count on Love to play like an MVP to get them to the playoffs next year.