Home News Mets magic number, explained: NY closes in on playoffs (UPDATED)

Mets magic number, explained: NY closes in on playoffs (UPDATED)


The New York Mets magic number is nearing single-digits for the playoff but the NL East race with the Braves is only getting tighter.

What was once a sizable lead in the NL East over the Braves is now gone for the New York Mets.

A second-half, dare we say, collapse has New York in a dogfight with Atlanta for the division crown.

Of course, winning the division is not only one path to the playoffs. The Mets can still see the postseason through one of the wild cards spots, especially with a magic number that is still comfortably small.

It could be worse, even if it could also be a lot better for the Mets as they look ahead to the playoffs.

What is a MLB magic number?

A magic number doesn’t have to be mysterious or mystical. It’s just the number of games until the team in question can clinch a playoff appearance or a division title.

Of course, there’s more to it than that. Check out the explanation from Noah Yingling of FanSided for a deeper look at what makes up the magic number.

What is the Mets magic number?

New York is still in a good spot when it comes to playoff participation with a solid lead over most of the National League.

Their early season success is paying off now.

Here’s where the Mets magic number sits:

Mets magic number to make playoffs: 11

The chance of missing the postseason is pretty low. However, they couldn’t shrink that number on Friday when they lost to the Marlins. It’s best not to count chickens before they hatch.

On the other side of things, a magic number for the NL East is no longer in play with the division lead no longer in NY control.