Home News Miami message boards are done with Mario Cristobal amid MTSU upset bid

Miami message boards are done with Mario Cristobal amid MTSU upset bid


Miami football fans on Hurricanes message boards have seen enough of Mario Cristobal with MTSU jumping out to a big lead in the first half.

Mario Cristobal was supposed to be the one to bring Miami back to its former glory. So far, he’s having trouble with that.

A week after suffering a loss to Texas A&M, the Hurricanes had a prime chance to bounce back and get right with Middle Tennessee State visiting.

The Blue Raiders decided not to follow the script. They grabbed a lead as large as 21 points and went into halftime leading 24-10.

Miami message boards have turned on Mario Cristobal

Miami fans turned their wrath on Cristobal for the embarrassing showing.

The Oregon fanbase had only nods and “I told you so” remarks.

Oregon fans tried telling every single person Mario cristobal is too stubborn to change. And here we are 😭

— Ryan Jarrell (@RyanJarrell31) September 24, 2022

I apologize Oregon fans , I see why y’all weren’t sad to see Mario Cristobal fleece us

— The People’s Champion 🤨 (@Jugg_Que_Naut) September 24, 2022

Miami fans getting the full Mario Cristobal experience today as they get worked at home as a multi-score favorite. Oregon fans can relate.

— Mike McDaniel (@MikeMcDanielSI) September 24, 2022

I was told Mario Cristobal was the second coming of Christ? Was this info wrong? I mean he made Justin Herbert look average at Oregon and constantly lost to bad teams but Miami told me he was Nick Saban? 😂 hilarious

— CB (@Cbake1090) September 24, 2022

There is no question about Cristobal’s ability to recruit. He’s elite in that regard. However, questions about his in-game coaching ability have followed him from FIU to Oregon and now to Miami.

He may simply need more time to get things going for the Hurricanes but fans aren’t going to want to be overly patient. Even a Miami team in transition should be able to take care of business against MTSU. That’s especially true when you consider the valid concerns about Cristobal’s ceiling.

He was able to win Pac-12 Championships with the other powers in the conference like USC and Washington slumping. However, he was never able to truly put the Ducks in the national championship contention. That’s where Miami fans want to be. That’s where Cristobal needs to take them. If he can’t, then he won’t be in Miami long.

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