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Mike Tomlin has hilarious response to son’s TD in Boston College spring game


Mike Tomlin certainly had some thoughts on how his son Dino Tomlin celebrated a touchdown.

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin loved, and despised, his son Dino Tomlin’s touchdown celebration at the Boston College Eagles’ spring game over the weekend.

Dino Tomlin is entering his redshirt senior season at BC as a prominent part of Jeff Hafley’s receiving corps. After catching a pass for six from Emmett Morehead, the younger Tomlin put on a dance show for the crowd in Chestnut Hill.

While he didn’t go full-blown Hingle McCringleberry in the end zone, it brought attention to more than the trip to pay dirt itself. It was very funny, though.

As a dad, Tomlin loved this, but as a head coach of a conservative NFL franchise, that may not fly.

If Tomlin’s son can bust a move, then why can’t anyone and everyone wearing the black and yellow do it at all times of every day … and twice on Sunday?

Dino Tomlin puts Mike Tomlin in weird spot as football dad and NFL head coach

Look. I have no problem with Tomlin having a little too much fun in the end zone. This is college football, man. All the stupid extracurricular stuff is what makes it the best sport in the world. The kids keep it fresh, and I absolutely love it.

As for Coach Tomlin, the Steelers may have conservative, defense-first roots, but they haven’t exactly been the most buttoned-up franchise in recent years.

It has been over a decade since the Steelers won the AFC. Although second-year pro Kenny Pickett certainly has the mental makeup to lead this next era of Pittsburgh football to playoff games, the Steelers have largely underachieved under Tomlin’s watch over the last several seasons. They are adept at handling adversity, but are even better at creating adversity for themselves internally.

Overall, Tomlin is well-equipped to handle stuff like this in-house in Pittsburgh. You want proof of that? Just look at how well he and his staff handled Antonio Brown before he devolved into utterly inherent recklessness. While Tomlin is elite in front of the microphone with his patented five-second responses, trouble does have a way of finding him within the Steelers’ locker room culture.

Ultimately, it is great for Tomlin to cheer on his son in the Eagles’ spring game. I know he would want to be at every BC game, but that’s just not in the cards for him as the Steelers’ head coach. It is certainly refreshing that he can sit back, relax, laugh and enjoy his son playing the game their entirely family loves so dearly. We can only hope a Steelers wide receiver recreates this in October.

If you want somebody to refrain from dancing, the keep the guy out of the freaking end zone, man!