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No, the Premier League WON’T have ‘blue cards’ and ‘sin bins’ next season


Contrary to what you may have been led to believe, blue cards and sin bins will not be introduced in the Premier League for the start of 2024/25.

There has been plenty of talk about further rule changes in football in recent weeks, with discussions involving imitating rugby by removing players from the field for 10 minutes for tactical fouls or dissent.

The Telegraph had reported that the International Football Association Board (Ifab) have agreed to such changes and that a trial announcement would be made on Friday.

FIFA have since insisted, however, that talk of these tweaks at the top level is “premature” and that testing is initially planned to take place further down the football pyramid.

The statement read: “FIFA wishes to clarify that reports of the so-called ‘blue card’ at elite levels of football are incorrect and premature.

“Any such trials, if implemented, should be limited to testing in a responsible manner at lower levels, a position that FIFA intends to reiterate when this agenda item is discussed at the IFAB AGM on 1 March.”

Blue cards are said to be designed to reduce cynical challenges and poor treatment towards officials, with punishments seeing players temporarily sidelined without being dismissed completely.

It will be classed as a step up from the traditional yellow card, because a penalty will be applied immediately for these types of offences.

There will be a second layer of jeopardy in being shown a blue card, though, as two blue cards or a combination of a yellow and blue card would equate to a red card and a sending-off.

Naturally, the proposals haven’t been universally welcomed by supporters, with many uncomfortable with such drastic alterations to the way the sport is officiated.

We will have to wait and see how the tests pan out if indeed they are given the green light.

Liverpool fans won’t, however, have to concern themselves with the idea of seeing blue cards and sin bins in the top flight as soon as next season.