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Now we know why Dominik Szoboszlai has his own cardboard cutout at home!


Dominik Szoboszlai was caught with a cardboard cutout of himself at his home, and it led to a series of questions about its origin, which we have now discovered.

If you were unaware, an image surfaced over the last week of Szoboszlai posing for a picture with his Liverpool kit, and in the background was his cardboard cutout.

It led to quite the reaction, as you can imagine, and the biggest question was ‘why‘? And now we have the answer.

In a promo for the Google Pixel, one of the club’s partners, Szoboszlai joined Virgil van Dijk and Alisson to surprise the unsuspecting people of Liverpool.

After pulling people into the location, they would pose for pictures and the trio would emerge as a surprise – sometimes with props, which is where the cardboard cutout comes into play.

And after using his to surprise a young fan, Szoboszlai asked, “can I have this?” while already in the motion of taking it – the mystery, at last, solved.

Though, Alisson‘s retort to the No. 8’s question may be the best part of all, as he said, “you love yourself, huh?”

Seems like it, Ali. It certainly has pride of place at his home!

The video itself makes for entertaining viewing, and there’s few better things than seeing people be surprised in the unlikeliest of places.

Plus Alisson, Van Dijk and Szoboszlai all have challenges to complete, and let’s just say, someone was getting pretty frustrated by having their hair messed with.