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Nunez leap, Van Dijk message & Diaz on daiquiris – 6 more Liverpool things spotted


We’re keeping the feel-good content coming, with some more of the things you may have missed from Liverpool’s League Cup final win over Chelsea.

With the chaos surrounding Virgil van Dijk‘s winning goal and the subsequent celebrations at full-time, it was easy to miss what some of what was happening at Wembley and beyond.

On Monday morning, we rounded up some of the best viral videos from Sunday’s League Cup win, and now we’ve got more of the best things you may have missed.


“F*cking go for it”

OK, so any captain can tell his team to “go for it” before a game, but how many can command the respect of Van Dijk and walk the walk, as well as talk the talk?

This was an example of an elite, senior professional, taking responsibility for an inexperienced side and guiding them to a stunning cup win.

We may get more of this kind of insight in the new documentary being produced about Liverpool.


The better buy

While the day may have ended with him leaving Wembley on crutches, it is fair to say Wataru Endo still had the last laugh against Chelsea.

In midfield, he came up against Moises Caicedo, a player whom, if he had decided to join Liverpool, would have meant Endo stayed in Stuttgart.

It must have been extra satisfying for him, as well as supporters, when the rival player bounced off him and was outplayed by the Liverpool man.

Unfortunately, it does appear that this was the challenge that caused Endo an injury, despite him valiantly playing on.


Allez, Allez, Allez

Against the odds, the Reds were still in the game and even began extra time on top. By the end of the added period, though, their legs were tiring and they needed a push.

Liverpool’s supporters responded with a special rendition of Allez, Allez, Allez that went for several minutes and was noted by commentators and others listening on television and radio.

Inside the ground, it felt like we were giving one last bit of support, whether that be to will them to penalties or to get them up the pitch for a winner, as it turned out.

‘And we’re never gonna stop’…


It could have been Elliott’s winner

In extra time, Harvey Elliott had a header miraculously clawed off the line by goalkeeper Dorde Petrovic, but thankfully we can look back at it without dismay on our faces.

Liverpool have lost out before, when a header has just failed to cross the line – most notably Andy Carroll’s against Chelsea in the 2012 FA Cup final – but this one ultimately didn’t matter.

While Chelsea did have their chances on Sunday, and should have buried at least one, Liverpool were never too far out of the game.


Nunez the racehorse

Back in May, 2023, Jurgen Klopp said Darwin Nunez “was like a racehorse” in his pressing. Well, he lived up to that at Wembley.

Despite being injured when Van Dijk scored, he bounded down the steps before hurdling the advertising hoardings like he was in the Grand National.

After the match, Klopp even joked: “The celebration looked at 100 percent let me say it like that, so I’ll have to talk about that with the medical department!”


Daiquiris with Diaz

Who doesn’t love a bit of Luis Diaz Sr content?

Since being freed by his hostage-takers in Colombia, Luis Diaz‘s father has stayed on Merseyside, travelling up and down the country with the Reds, becoming an honorary Scouser in the process.

On Sunday night, a couple of Liverpool supporters even had the pleasure of spending their train journey home with him, having a drink and celebrating the League Cup win.