Home News “Outrageously wonderful!” – Jurgen Klopp marvels at Anfield Road End’s record day

“Outrageously wonderful!” – Jurgen Klopp marvels at Anfield Road End’s record day


Liverpool set a new league attendance record on Saturday, and Jurgen Klopp was overjoyed by the “exceptional” sight that was the Anfield Road Stand.

The new Anfield Road Stand is not quite the finished article, but you could have been fooled that it was as the upper tier was full for the first time against Burnley.

In total, there were 59,896 fans inside the stadium against Vincent Kompany’s side – a new league record for the club, and there are still more seats to be added.

The wait has been longer than expected, but Klopp eulogised over having more fans in the ground, and said of the sight: “Outstanding, oh my god!

“Before I really heard it, I saw it already [and] it looks exceptional, it looks absolutely exceptional.

Anfield Road End fans February 11, 2024 (Photo by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

“This stadium grew and grew. It was always wonderful but now it’s really outrageously wonderful. Really top, really top, really loud in the right moments.

“I know it’s a game [where] there were tricky moments and then it’s difficult to be on your toes, I had my moment with the Main Stand, but it’s all good.

“I am really happy that we have them now finally back, it gives a lot of people the opportunity to see this wonderful team playing football.”

The stand was a sea of red during You’ll Never Walk Alone, with scarves proudly held aloft to create a spectacular view, one that will now be a common sight on matchdays.

There remains only a small section in the back corner of the lower tier that needs to be finished before a capacity crowd of 61,000 can be reached.

And while we’ve had to wait a little longer than anticipated, Anfield is now primed for the run-in.