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Photos: How the Anfield Road Stand will look with EVERY seat & without the ‘red wall’


The new Anfield Road End is moving closer to its completion, and fans can now see what it will look like once the hospitality section and last remaining seats are installed.

The club have opened the new stand in phases after construction was delayed, starting out with 51,000 before gradually being awarded a certificate to host a record 60,725 spectators.

The new upper tier is finally fully open, but there is still work to complete in the lower tier, which you may have noticed when visiting the ground or watching from around the world.

Currently, the back corner of the lower tier – where the Anfield Road Stand meets the Main Stand – still requires more work, and you may have noticed a ‘red wall’ between the two new tiers.

That wall is hiding the new hospitality section, which will not run the full length of the stand, as we can see from Anfield’s 3D seatmap.

Understandably, there will be no hospitality windows behind the away end.

In the club’s first published plans, they indicated the new stand was to make 1,800 tickets available for sports bar lounge and hospitality facilities.

In front of the hospitality windows, though, is a dedicated concourse and seating area for disabled supporters, which ensures there is wheelchair availability in every stand at the stadium.

The 3D map gives you a good look at how that will look when work is complete.

As abovementioned, you may have also noticed the back corner of the lower stand still needs finishing, this area is being prepared for the final seats to be added.

In the image below, you can see what that corner currently looks like and subsequently how many seats will be added when work is complete, which is around 150.

Liverpool are edging closer to seeing the Anfield Road End as a finished article, which will open the turnstiles to 61,000 fans each and every matchday.

The wait has been a lot longer than expected but Jurgen Klopp has certainly been delighted by the view as more fans continue to take their seats in the stand.

“This stadium grew and grew. It was always wonderful but now it’s really outrageously wonderful. Really top, really top, really loud in the right moments.”