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QUIZ – Name all 42 of Liverpool’s 90+ minute winners in the Premier League!


Darwin Nunez added his name to a long list of players who have scored a match-winning goal for Liverpool in the Premier League – think you know the others?

There is nothing quite like the euphoria of the ball hitting the back of the net to clinch a victory when the clock has already ticked beyond the 90 minutes.

As Liverpool love a flair for the dramatics, this has occurred 42 times in the Premier League. Twelve more than any other side in the English top flight.

Nunez’s cameo at Newcastle added another wonderful moment to the collection but we want to see if you can name the other players to score winners in the 90th-minute and beyond.

It may come as no surprise to you that Everton feature the most on this list, with Liverpool’s heroics coming at the expense of the Blues on five different occasions.

They just taste all the sweeter, don’t they?

Now, there are three own goals in this list for you to name and we’ve told you against which side and in what season, the rest is up to you.

Good luck!

42 winners in 8 minutes!

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