Home News Virgil van Dijk shares brilliant throwback photo after captain’s clash with Robertson

Virgil van Dijk shares brilliant throwback photo after captain’s clash with Robertson


Before Virgil van Dijk and Andy Robertson ever became team-mates, they battled against one another in Scotland, and a brilliant throwback photo resurfaced over the weekend.

Van Dijk and Robertson have been at the heart of Liverpool’s defence under Jurgen Klopp‘s tutelage, helping to transform the Reds into a team that readily competes for silverware.

And while they have been team-mates for more than six years at Anfield, they have never forgotten their roots.

Before being captain’s of their respective countries and winning all there is to win with Liverpool, the pair came face to face in 2014 when Van Dijk played for Celtic and Robertson for Dundee United.

The image of the two contesting a ball in Scotland has made an appearance or two over the years, and Van Dijk was more than happy to share it again on Instagram after the two went up against one another on Friday.

“We’ve come a long way brother,” Van Dijk penned over an image of the two in 2014 and their recent meeting as captain’s of the Netherlands and Scotland.

It’s quite the journey they have both been on over the last decade!

As for who won that challenge all those years ago, in 2020 Robertson insisted he had Van Dijk in his “back pocket all game,” while Liverpool’s skipper remembered differently, saying he “megged” the left-back.

Somewhere lies the truth, but we’re not sure it’s with either of them!

Their most recent outing as rivals, though, saw Van Dijk leave with bragging rights having seen the Netherlands dispatch Robertson’s Scotland to the tune of 4-0.

Cody Gakpo ended that match with two assists and Robertson’s shirt after the pair met in the tunnel following the friendly, and Liverpool’s No. 26 wasn’t eager to show his “pasty body” during the swap.