Watch: Guardians fan loses foul ball, possibly significant other, on brutal catch attempt

Watch: Guardians fan loses foul ball, possibly significant other, on brutal catch attempt

While one Cleveland Guardians fan was attempting to catch a foul ball, the woman right next to him ended up covered in beer.

One Cleveland Guardians fan came so close to making a pretty impressive snag of a foul ball! Unfortunately for him, that didn’t happen.

While holding a beer (or some other drink that strongly resembles an overpriced beer), a man hopped up, showed some solid athleticism, and tried to grab a foul ball! It was great and cool looking and pretty impressive all up until he ended up not catching it at all.

And while it sucks to not catch a foul ball, that sort of thing happens all the time. What really sucks here is how the woman next to him fared during the attempt.

The worst part about it is that he didn’t even manage to get the ball! It’s one thing if you’re going to spill a beer on someone sitting next to you as you catch a foul ball in all sorts of athletic glory, but it’s a completely different matter to not even hold on to the ball and then also still spilling that drink!

What a mess!

Someone else got it and, at least in this video, it doesn’t appear as if that other person was interested in handing the ball up towards the fan who took one for the team.

Cleveland Guardians fan bobbles and drops ball, splashes beer all over woman next to him during catch attempt

And yeah, it’s worth wondering if she got upset about this after it happened.

need to know if there was any drama between them after this

— Cut4 (@Cut4) April 30, 2022

The woman next to him doesn’t exactly seem all that upset about the matter, at least not initially, so maybe he won’t get in too much trouble for this sort of disastrous mishap. However, nobody would blame her for being at least a little upset over the matter.

Hopefully she didn’t have to sit there soaked in ballpark beer (or whatever expensive, beer-looking liquid she happened to get hit with) and maybe they went and bought her a brand new souvenir jersey.

But hey, if nothing else, at least these folks made a memory that everyone on the internet will get to enjoy. They’ve definitely got that going for them. Maybe they’ll get to look back on this moment and enjoy it as well! What else can you do but laugh this sort of thing off?