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What a Seahawks trade for Commanders DE Chase Young would look like


The Commanders are reportedly open to listening to trade calls for Chase Young. What if the Seahawks were bold and pursued the former No. 2 pick?

Chase Young looked like everything the Commanders could have wanted from the No. 2 overall pick in the draft in 2020. Fast forward a few years and he might be on the trade block.

Life comes at you fast in the NFL but the Seahawks could find a way to make the best of it for Young.

The NFL’s Defensive Rookie of the Year emerged as a force of havoc with 7.5 sacks, four forced fumbles, three fumbles recovered and four pass deflections. He was named a team captain by the end of the season.

Then things went sideways. His impact in 2021 was limited even before he tore his ACL in Week 10. His 2022 season didn’t even get started until late December as he returned from that injury. The three games he played weren’t anything to write home about.

Earlier this year, Washington declined Young’s fifth-year option. Now a report has suggested the team would listen to trade calls for the once-promising player heading into the final year of his contract.

If the Commanders really are interested in trading Young, the Seahawks would be an interesting trade partner.

What would a Seahawks trade for Commanders DE Chase Young look like?

Seahawks Get

DE Chase Young

Commanders Get

2024 2nd-round pick

2025 5th-round pick

We’ve already looked at what it would take for the Steelers to land Young. It would take more for Seattle to pull off the trade since they’re on Washington’s schedule and in the same conference.

The reporting around the Commanders and Young suggests Washington isn’t likely to move the DE. They’d need an offer they couldn’t refuse. That’s what a second and fifth-round pick would represent.

Would it be worth it?

Young has the potential to be an absolute game-changer. He was a stud at Ohio State and a stud as a rookie. A sophomore slump and an ACL injury could be bumps in the road.

Uchenna Nwosu and Darrell Taylor each logged 9.5 sacks last year while the team ranked ninth in the NFL in sacks. An already solid pass rush could get even better with a player like Young.

Still, the question marks around Young are real. To make this deal happen, Seattle would have to overpay while taking on some massive risks by giving up two draft picks, including a second-rounder and more for a player with 1.5 sacks in the last two seasons, who is also in the final year of his contract.