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What Jurgen Klopp really said – and likely meant – with retirement joke


Jurgen Klopp dropped the ‘retirement’ word in his post-match press conference, and before it spreads like wildfire, it may be a case of mistranslation.

After nearly nine years at Anfield and 23 years as a manager, it’s no wonder that Klopp said he was “running out of energy” when announcing his departure at season’s end.

In the aftermath, many have speculated his eventual return to the game after a well-deserved break, though Klopp has largely kept his future plans to himself, aside from saying he wants to live a “normal” life.

So, when Klopp dropped the word “retire” after the Reds’ 5-1 win at Sparta Prague, the feeling is he was being quite literal, in that he is retiring from Liverpool, which he is.

A reporter asked which of Sparta’s players Klopp would want for Liverpool, and the boss replied: “I retire in the summer.”

Klopp’s face broke out into a wry grin as laughter rumbled through the press room, the German then added: “Do you want me to take him on holiday or what?”

Of course, plenty will be read into Klopp’s use of the word, but we sense it is a case of mistranslation with English not the manager’s native language.

He was being specifically asked about Liverpool, a club he is ‘retiring’ from in the summer and thus it is no surprise he phrased his sentence as he did.

It might be the eventuality for the 56-year-old, but a joke in his press conference is not quite the time to take it as gospel, just so you’re aware amid the various headlines.

On another note, Klopp has been in great form in front of the media of late and let’s hope that continues when he previews the visit of Man City on Friday afternoon (1.30pm GMT).