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Which country has won the most Women’s World Cups?


The Women’s World Cup is coming around again and this time it is in Australia and New Zealand. Teams that are in this tournament are all looking for one thing, to win it all, but what team has won it the most?

Starting back in 1991, teams around the world started to have one thing on their mind, and in common, they wanted to be the Woman’s World Cup champion. Teams around the world started to play in a tournament every four years, crowning champions and getting their names in the record books. Now looking forward to 2023 and preparing for the next Women’s World Cup, there have been four different countries that have won it all but out of those four, there is only one team that has won the most.

The four champions that have Women’s World Cups

In the last eight Women’s World Cup tournaments, four teams have shown they can do what is needed to bring the big trophy home to their country. Those four teams are the United States, Germany, Japan, and Norway. Out of those four teams, only two of them have been able to do it more than once.

The United States and Germany have been able to top that mountain multiple times and have won back-to-back championships over the eight World Cups. With both teams being in the driver’s seat of winning World Cup championships, only one team has won the championship more than the other.

And the winner is…..

The team that has won the Women’s World Cup the most is the United States. The United States won the Women’s World Cup in 1991, 1999, 2015, and 2019. The USWNT has seen a lot of players come and go from their team, but that has not stopped The USWNT. With the United States being the team with the most wins, the USWNT is also looking to try to do something that no team has ever done before, to be the first team to ever win the Women’s World Cup three times in a row.

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