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‘Whose idea was this?!’ – Jurgen Klopp annoyed at press conference in a TENT


During his post-Toulouse press conference, Jurgen Klopp didn’t hide his annoyance at UEFA’s organisation of the managers’ post-match media duties.

The result would mean Klopp was already a frustrated figure, but events after the final whistle further annoyed Liverpool staff.

Following the match, the manager was led outside to a tent where his post-match press conference would take place.

Flanked by press officer Tony Barrett, Klopp had to fight through huge crowds to reach the room and, once there, the reporters were almost inaudible.

This was due to the noise coming from the Toulouse supporters inside and outside the ground.

Journalists also couldn’t hear anything Klopp was saying with one reporter describing the organisation as “shambolic.”

During his press conference, thanks to the microphones, we heard Klopp say: “Who had the idea to do the press conference here?

“That would be really a interesting question, wow!”

For games in UEFA competition, the governing body effectively take over the hosts’ stadium, hence the criticism being of UEFA rather than Toulouse specifically.

Even just on Thursday, it wasn’t the first time the organisation had been criticised.

Liverpool supporters had trouble getting into the ground, with fans also describing it as a “shambles” trying to get in.

This would likely have been down to a mixture of the Gendarmerie’s heavy-handed policing of football supporters, and UEFA’s often inability to host events competently.